About Us

Welcome to our story of how MADDA came to be!

Firstly, were both lovers of a tipple! Whether that be a Gin and Tonic or a craft ale from a local brewery, over the years we’ve made time to visit and experience our favourite pass time at distilleries and bars making us quite the (tipsy) experts.

Like many others over the years we’ve both lead chaotic life styles managing work and general life! However, we’ve always managed to find time to enjoy one of our favourite past times with friends and partners.

On a warm summer day, we started to discuss how we would love to convert something quirky! We both fell in love with the idea and started to bounce ideas off of each other and came up with a bar that will travel to like-minded people such as ourselves allowing you to have craft ales or any other tipple of your choosing where and when you want it.

We both got very excited and spent many months looking and traveling all over the UK looking for the right vehicle (well we didn’t really know what was right vehicle). After many visits to see classic and quirky possibilities we had a look at a vintage rice horse box. Whilst giving it the once over, it became so obvious that we’d found the one!

We then took on the challenge of restoration! This doesn’t sound too hard right? Well it was, especially for two chaps that have only ever been used to a qwerty key board. With this being said, we believe we’ve done a great job. We also owe a huge thanks for the help from our friends and family (make sure you take a look at our restoration gallery!).

Our vision is to create an accessible bar, not just for corporations but for everyone, no matter your budget - no event is too small or too large.

Call and speak to either Adam or David for either a friendly conversation regarding your event needs.